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Think about the year that has passed. All the memories, the entries and posts that made the year special. Think about all your past layouts, default icons, mood themes. How about all those conversations you had via comments, or the huge post in ONTD that you spent all night commenting on. The 2011 Scrapbook Post is a way to help you remember all of that, in a single post.


the stats:
01/01/11: 2154 entries, 41,617 comments received, 77,656 comments posted, 340/415 icons, 282 (276 mutual) friends
02/01/11: 2,172 entries, 42,026 comments received, 78,477 comments posted, 342/415 icons, 281 (275 mutual) friends
03/02/11: 2,186 entries, 44,508 comments received, 79,509 comments posted, 363/417 icons, 283 (277 mutual) friends
04/01/11: 2,202 entries, 45,029 comments received, 80,444 comments posted, 382/417 icons, 282 (275 mutual) friends
05/08/11: 2218 entries, 45,263 comments received, 81,337 comments posted, 392/418 icons, 284 (272 mutual) friends
06/05/11: 2,233 entries, 45,543 comments received, 81,927 comments posted, 394/418 icons, 286 (279 mutual) friends
08/01/11: 2,262 entries, 45,976 comments received, 83,102 comments posted, 402/419 icons, 288 (282 mutual) friends
09/03/11: 2,276 entries, 46,328 comments received, 83,974 comments posted, 405/419 icons, 290 (283 mutual) friends
10/01/11: 2,290 entries, 46,555 comments received, 84,774 comments posted, 405/419 icons, 293 (286 mutual) friends
11/02/11: 2,308 entries, 46,980 comments received, 85,515 comments posted, 407/420 icons, 294 (287 mutual) friends
12/01/11: 2,317 Journal Entries, 47,152 comments received, 86,491 comments posted, 409/420 icons, 295 (288 mutual) friends

the hardware:
grande: apple macbookpro (2gb processor, 1gb ram, 120gb harddrive)
afrocurl: ipod classic (30gb)
afrocurlita: ipod nano (4gb)
external hds: 500gb, 160 gb, 80 gb

1 January 2011 -

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28 December 2009 to 2 January 2011

2 January 2011 to

Profile Codes

22 June 2009

July 4, 2010 to 29 September, 2011

September 29, 2011 to

The Lonely Island - "The Creep"

Foo Fighters - "Rope"

Glee Cast - "Hell to the No"


4 August - Weezer, OC Fair
5 August - Hairspray, Hollywood Bowl

the informant!
percy jackson and the olympians: the lightening thief
the mod squad
pirate radio
the fantastic mr. fox
get over it
get him to the greek
red riding hood
jane eyre
scream 4
the queen
from prada to nada
the sandlot
chalet girl
i am number four
pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides
national treasure
x-men: first class
swinging with the finkels
midnight in paris
love and other drugs
letters to juliet
crazy, stupid, love
captain america
the help
glee 3d
one day
super secret movie
like crazy
the ides of march
a dangerous method
a princess for christmas
j. edgar
the muppets

caprica: the final five
southland: season three
dollhouse: season two*
friday night lights: season four* and five*
downton abbey: series one
misfits: series one and two
bones: season five* and six
being human: season one (us)
being human: series three (uk)
secret diary of a call girl: series four
community: season one*, season two
mad men: seasons one*, two*, three*, and four*
the vampire diaries: season two
community: season two
chuck: season four
gossip girl: season four
stargate: universe: season two
fringe: season three
how i met your mother: season six
glee: season two
modern family: season two
cougar town: season two
nikita: season one
supernatural: season six
battlestar galactica: complete series*
weeds: seasons six and seven
covert affairs: season two
white collar: season three
suits: season one
burn notice: season six
royal pains: season three
necessary roughness: season one
the middleman: complete series

* Denotes a rewatch.

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