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Dear Primetime Author,

First off, thank you for the time to write something for me.

Some general things that I love before the specifics for each prompt.

Tropes that make me weak in the knees: banter/snark, well-intentioned ribbing that no one actually minds, schadenfreude

Most of these prompts are on the gen side, so I'll leave my actually relationship ones off.

Now for the nitty gritty.

Request 1: X-Men: First Class

I'm a real sucker for Erik's myriad issues, but I would love to see something about how everyone else (except Charles) actually views them. The "kids" didn't get enough screentime in the movie, so if you can write me something that explains how they boys respond to Erik, you'll make my heart sing.

If you want to make Charles/Erik a thing for the boys to comment on, I'm fine with that, but if you don't tend to think that way, it won't matter to me.

Request 2: The West Wing

To say that the office is always running might be an understatement, but I'd love to see something that we wouldn't normally get - one small quiet day or moments in a day.

I don't care on the administration, or the characters because man oh man do I love everyone in this West Wing.

Request 3: Leverage

Eliot, Hardison and Parker are my platonic OT3 and with the ending that we had, I'd really like to see that first case. Because there's a serious part of me that knows it didn't go well. AT ALL!

Request 4: Veronica Mars

So this one ties into the movie (w00t!) but I'd like to imagine as this prompt finds a way to bridge the gap between where the show actually ended and where I think the movie's going to start. Reunions are awkward, and well, getting that invitation - at least for them - probably moreso. Tell me all about their fears before the event or even nonchalance.
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