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Hello Secret Mutant gifter!

I'm going to copy a good chunk of this letter from last year's (and the year before) for general ideas and then go into the specifics:

Firstly, thanks for being part of a great exchange! I will truly love anything that you create for me, no matter what it is (I love gifts really, I do!)

Use those prompts as a jumping off point, but as many others have said, if they don't spark you, go with something from here and I'll love it all the same.

Things I adore: AUs (any time, no really), size kink, banter/snark, angst with a happy (or hopeful depending on the circumstances ending). I'm also okay with dub-con and in some cases non-con.

I adore history (hello college major) and so the more accurate anything is the better. (I have a healthy suspension of disbelief when I need it so crack is fine too.)

This list is by no means inclusive. You're welcome to look through my AO3 bookmarks to get an idea of what I read (and even my own writing for what I've done before). I'm a huge fan of unconventional ways to tell a story, so telling me something out of sequence is amazing.

If you're an artist, I hope that something in the situation of a prompt can inspire you, but again, it's not at all a requirement. Giving me some slice of life piece is more than acceptable and in fact, if you're up for it, you could just as well create something to go with any of my stories (save the work I did with Nekosmuse and the Actors 'verse as those are really not mine in the same way; my RBB fics are sort of off limits for the reason that art already exists). It's really up to you what you want to do.

Character wise, I'm a fan of Erik (for all his faults), Charles, Raven, Emma (for all her issues). Ensemble stories/pieces are also great.

Specifically to the prompts, this year they're a big mix bag of things on my mind.

Prompt 1 comes from my adoration for College AUs. Roll with the pain or hurt at their break-up and do whatever you want with it. Have them bicker at each other for a weekend, or have them fall back into love with each other. Anything goes.

Prompt 2 is what it says on the tin.

Prompt 3 comes from last year, but I love the idea, especially in the wake of the little tiny new "House of M" book that's out right now.

Prompt 4 has it's roots in Rom-coms or any sort of love story are also a goldmind, so come up with something. As the type suggests, it can be Charles/Erik, or any other combination of the four of them. Hell you could write me some poly-amorous story and that'd be great too.

As with everything here, these are only starting point, and really run however you want with these. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask PJ/[personal profile] ninemoons42 for she knows me very well. You could also ask a group of tumblr friends, but I'll leave you to find a good person to seek out for more specifics.

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